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Offices4 Emad El-Deen Kamel, Al Manteqah Al Oula, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate
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Payroll Consultations

Payroll Consultations

Our payroll services include undertaking the monthly payroll function and any calculations related to an employee’s payment such as overtime, taxes, bonuses, incentives, vacations etc.,

All tasks, reports and invoices are fully computerized and strictly confidential with a secure system to be in place very soon, and all related payroll documents are kept in a digital filing system and are available for client review at any time.

Reports and Invoices for all the services are available through e-mails or any other form of requested documentation and can be designed according to the client to suit their various purposes.

TPS is associated with over 10 banks and work with them to deliver salaries to personnel through direct bank transfers, to each employee’s account.

A detailed payment slip is e-mailed to each employee to inform them of the breakdown of their salaries and to ensure salary confidentiality. If e-mails are not available, then payment slips are emailed to the designated client personnel to be printed for employees upon request or an TPS representative will hand-deliver these payment slips upon their visit.