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Offices4 Emad El-Deen Kamel, Al Manteqah Al Oula, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate
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Personnel Consultation

Personnel Consultation

TPS is fully responsible for the personnel’s’ social insurance and any other governmental and legal requirements related to this. Each individual is placed in a social insurance category according to their income and continuous follow up related to the regulations and laws of social insurance specially the Labor Law, Social Insurance Decrees/Law, Tax Law are applied and maintained upon receipt from the government.

We are also able to provide our TPS personnel with social insurance print outs straight from our office authorized and stamped for any purpose they may require.

We keep updated records and balance of all types of vacations for each employee provided that data has to be given to TPS personnel on regular basis.

Medical Insurance :-

TPS can provide different types of private medical and life coverage insurance according to the requirements of the client.

– Medical & life insurance.

– Accidents and Disability Insurance.

– Other needed policy that may be required by Client.

The client has the freedom to choose any service provider that meets their requirements in regards to value, duration and benefits.

TPS will only be responsible for administering and following the renewals, employees’ claims, and cards issuance. The cost plus any annual increase from the medical provider will be paid by TPS and then reimbursed from the client.

The duration of starting such a service is not necessarily applicable with the main service agreement starting date.

Accordingly, any changes in the cost or increase in annual premium is not related to the renewal of the main service agreement.